Who would you choose to play on your team?

Patrick Cripps. Brodie Grundy. Two brilliant players and stars for their respective clubs.

But if you could only pick one to play for your team, who would you choose?

A tough choice: Carlton’s Patrick Cripps and Collingwood’s Brodie Grundy.Credit:AAP

This week on The Age Real Footy Podcast, Jimmy Bartel, Michael Gleeson and Jake Niall weigh up the decision. Is a ruckman more important than a midfielder in the current AFL era? Who is the better player? Who could have the most influence?

Meanwhile, Bartel, who is football director at GWS, says their loss against the Hawks was the worst performance he had ever seen from the Giants, but there’s plenty of credit for Alastair Clarkson’s side, too.

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