Watch: Cop Smashes Open Car Window To Free Bear Trapped Inside

Though the bear managed to escape unharmed – the same cannot be said for the vehicle

A sheriff’s deputy from California’s Placer County was caught on camera smashing open the window of an SUV to free a bear trapped inside. The bear had reportedly made its way into the car to hunt for food and ended up getting locked inside. And though the bear fortunately managed to escape unharmed – the same cannot be said for the vehicle, the interiors of which were “destroyed.”

The bear trapped itself inside a car near Lake Tahoe. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office posted a video of its dramatic escape on Facebook about 18 hours ago, where it has been shared 3,900 times – and counting.

“The bear got into a Subaru Outback in Carnelian Bay and destroyed the interior so badly that the doors couldn’t be unlocked,” The Placer County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook. “It was decided the safest way to get the bear out of the car was to break the window. Deputy Lade was brave enough to break the window, allowing the bear to jump out and flee into the forest,” they added.

The video shows the deputy breaking the window and rushing out of the way. Seconds later, the bear jumps out of the SUV and flees into the forest.

Watch the video below:



“How did the bear get in there in the first place?” asks one person on Facebook. “They can open car doors and it happens A LOT!” replies the sheriff’s office.

“Thank you for setting the bear free and not harming it,” comments another. “Wow… I bet that car is destroyed inside! That was very brave, so glad Deputy Lade is safe; looks like he “Bearly” got away,” writes a third. 

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