Video: Croatian Firefighters Miss Game-Winning Penalty As Siren Goes Off

Firefighters watch the Croatia vs Russia game.

The Zagreb Fire Department in Croatia released a video yesterday that shows how firefighters had to miss Croatia’s thrilling win against Russia during the FIFA World Cup as they were called to attend to an emergency. The 49-second video, posted to Facebook on Tuesday, shows a group of firefighters sitting in a fire station and watching Croatia’s quarterfinal match against Russia. However, the sound of an alarm forces them to jump up and attend to the emergency just seconds before Ivan Rakitic’s game-winning penalty.

The now-viral video shows the firemen jumping up to grab their gear and leave the garage at the sound of the alarm. Only three remain behind to watch the penalty that sent Croatia through to the World Cup semi-finals against England – which also they won yesterday.

Watch the video below:



According to some reports, the video was staged by the firefighters as an instructional video to promote safety during World Cup celebrations. “Careful when using torches and pyrotechnics, we can (finally) look at the fires [after the game],” they wrote in the caption.

Since being shared online just one day ago, it has collected over 8.4 lakh views and hundreds of appreciative comments. “Professionalism. Absolutely amazing,” wrote one person. “This is staged, people. Don’t mean to disrespect the firefighters, their aim is noble, but they staged this skit,” said another.


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