US Envoy Who Led Saree Search Last Year Shares Independence Day Message

MaryKay Carlson wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day through her video.

You may remember the US envoy to India who celebrated India’s Independence Day last year by leading a ‘Saree Search‘ on Twitter, asking netizens to help her choose a saree to wear to Independence Day celebrations. MaryKay Carlson, the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Delhi, says she loves Indian sarees with their “vibrant colours” and “rich textile heritage”. This year too, Ms Carlson has taken to Twitter to talk about sarees and to wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

In a video shared by the US Embassy India on Twitter, Ms Carlson talks about why she loves sarees and how, one year on, she has even taken to wearing sarees to work.

“I love Indian sarees, especially around Independence Day. They represent the vast culture, colour and diversity of this country,” says Ms Carlson in her video. “Happy Independence Day,” she ends her video by saying.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared on August 10, the video has already collected almost 9,000 views and over a thousand ‘likes’.

Ambassador of Thailand to India, Chutintorn Sam, also commented on the video to “agree wholeheartedly” with Ms Carlson’s statement.

Meanwhile, here is what others had to say:

For the Independence Day celebrations last year, Ms Carlson had worn a stunning red and green Kanjeevaram.

Independence Day 2018: India will celebrate its 72nd Independence Day on August 15.


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