This Pic Of People Hugging Will Leave You Very, Very Confused. Take A Look

This photograph has left the Internet very confused.

A photograph doing the rounds of the Internet will convince you that your eyes can sometimes deceive you. Shared on May 24 on Twitter, the picture shows a man and a woman hugging. However, you will have a very hard time figuring out which head belongs to which body. The illusion, which comes hot at the heels of the “Laurel or Yanny” audio clip that almost broke the Internet, has collected over 1 lakh ‘likes’ and over 45,000 retweets in just five days since it was shared.

“At first I thought he was wearing the heels,” wrote the Twitter user who originally shared the photograph.

The pic had a lot of people scratching their heads…

Some tried to explain it

And a helpful Twitter user made a diagram…

See it now?

This is not the only optical illusion to have achieved viral Internet fame. Only a couple of months ago, a woman’s mirror selfie went viral for appearing to show her with really thin legs. Before that, the shiny legs illusion had gone massively viral.

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