Wild Coffee Disappearing, Threatening Future Harvests

Rising temperatures, changing rainfall and encroaching diseases are threatening the world’s coffee crops. A new study says many of coffee’s wild relatives, which could help

Guinea Worm Disease Could Soon be Wiped Out, Experts Say

There were just 28 reported human cases of Guinea worm disease (GWD) last year, the U.S.-based Carter Center said Thursday. The nongovernmental organization founded by

Study: Human Diet Causing 'Catastrophic' Damage to Planet

PARIS —  The way humanity produces and eats food must radically change to avoid millions of deaths and “catastrophic” damage to the planet, according to

The Best Rx for Teens Addicted to Vaping? No One Knows

WASHINGTON —  The nation’s top health authorities agree: Teen vaping is an epidemic that now affects some 3.6 million underage users of Juul and other

Firefly Aerospace Is Behind Florida Rocket Project: Sources

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA —  Firefly Aerospace Inc, a resurgent rocket company founded by a former SpaceX engineer, plans to build a factory and launch site

Study Links Social Media Addicts, Substance Abusers

Addicted to social media? That’s not just an expression anymore. Scientists have found a connection between excessive social media use and behavior associated with substance

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