DRC Rejects African Union Call to Suspend Presidential Election

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has rejected a call from the African Union (AU) to suspend announcement of the final results of last month’s

Why is Kenya a Target for Somalia-Based al-Shabab Terrorists?

Once again, the Somalia-based militant group al-Shabab appears to have struck Kenya. This time, the attack was on the Dusit D2 hotel and office complex

African Union Urges Congo to Suspend Final Election Results

KINSHASA, CONGO —  The African Union continental body issued a surprise last-minute demand late Thursday for Congo’s government to suspend the announcement of final results

Ethiopia Allows Almost 1 Million Refugees to Leave Camps, Go to Work

NAIROBI —  Ethiopia passed a law Thursday giving almost 1 million refugees the right to work and live outside of camps, in a move praised

Zimbabwe Slowly Returns to Normalcy After Violent Protests

HARARE, ZIMBABWE —  Zimbabwe was calm Thursday after three days of protests that turned violent and saw authorities shut down internet service. Doctors said they

Journalist in Ghana Who Exposed Soccer Corruption Shot Dead

ACCRA, GHANA —  An investigative journalist in Ghana who helped expose a high-ranking official at world soccer body FIFA as corrupt was shot dead by

Zimbabwe, DR Congo Top Human Rights Watchdog Concerns

2018 was a dire year for human rights on the African continent, according to Human Rights Watch. The rights group raised particular concerns about Zimbabwe

UN Rights Chief Condemns Sudan’s Crackdown on Protesters

UNITED NATIONS —  The U.N. Human Rights chief expressed concern Thursday that Sudanese security forces have used excessive force and live ammunition against anti-government demonstrators,

Sudanese Professional Groups Call for Rallies Across Country

CAIRO —  Sudanese professional and opposition groups called for protests in 12 cities including the capital Khartoum on Thursday, with hundreds marching toward the presidential

Traditional Cocoa-Exporter Ghana Pushes for More Local Chocolate

Ghana produces about 900,000 tons of cocoa every year. This makes it the world’s second-biggest exporter of the cocoa bean, second only to Ivory Coast.

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