Sophie Monk ‘so happy’ with boyfriend Joshua Gross

Sophie Monk has “never been so happy” as with her new boyfriend, who she credits with nursing her back to health after her recent endemitriosis surgery.

The reality star and former Bardot singer, 38, has dropped several references to her new man on social media in recent days, posting pictures of the two of them together:

media_cameraSophie Monk and her new beau.

“I’ve never been so happy,” Monk captioned another loved-up photo of she and her new man.

Monk’s new beau is reportedly publicity-shy, but the Saturday Telegraph today revealed he’s a marketing executive named Joshua Gross.

In an interview with back in September, Monk opened up about her fledgling relationship with her then-mystery man.

The pair met unexpectedly on a plane after “three champagnes” in business class in August and even shared a kiss mid-air.

At the time, Monk told she wanted to keep her boyfriend’s identity private, but says he was an Australian who isn’t famous and lives overseas, based mainly in the US.

But there was a catch — that rendezvous on the plane was actually the only time they’d seen each other up until then.

media_cameraThe couple snapped at a Gold Coast restaurant.

“We talk everyday on the phone for like five hours. It’s really good but I’ve only seen him once,” Monk said in September.

Monk said the long distance relationship works with both of their busy travel schedules.

“He’s everywhere … we could always meet up, but it’s perfect for me. It just works because I’m never home either. You don’t want someone who’s always waiting around for you and you feel bad,” she said.

It seems their relationship has deepened since then, Monk crediting Gross with helping her recover after her endometriosis surgery earlier this month.

The relationship comes after a string of high-profile breakups for Monk, who appeared as The Bachelorette on Ten’s 2017 season of the hit reality dating show, and chose contestant Stu Laundy as her winner — only for the pair to break up just three months after the finale screened.

media_cameraMonk and her reality TV-chosen former boyfriend, Stu Laundy. Source Instagram @stulaundy

Monk is no longer in contact with Laundy, but said she didn’t regret her stint on The Bachelorette.

“Not one part of me regrets it,” Monk said. “I learned so much about myself. That was the best part of it. I just had to learn to be confident really quickly. Even though I come off very extroverted, I’m not. You have to be yourself and be confident.”

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