Snake Wraps Itself On Door Handle. Viral Video Will Make You Squirm

Imagine standing outside those doors wondering how you’re supposed to get in.

In this edition of ‘reptiles where they don’t belong’, a snake was found wrapped around the doors of a NASCAR racing team’s headquarters in the US. The video, just 18-seconds-long, is enough to give anyone some rather scary nightmares.

The video has been posted on Facebook by Joe Gibbs Racing. It shows the snake slithering over the handles of the door completely blocking the entrance to the headquarters in Huntersville, North Carolina.

“NOPE! We need a new race shop. Tear it down, we’re out,” says the post shared along with the video. If you think that’s an overreaction, wait till you see the video. It’s no exaggeration.



Imagine standing outside those doors wondering how you’re supposed to get in. Uncomfortable, right?

Well, thankfully there was another way in. The snake-infested-doors are among the two main entrances to the office, Bryan Cook, social media director for Joe Gibbs Racing told Charlotte Observer.

“It stayed there 20 minutes and then slithered off back into the woods. Nobody touched it,” he added.

Since being shared on May 24, the video has collected over 1.3 million views and more than 17,000 shares – and still very much counting.

“Where are all the snakes coming from? They are everywhere! Yes, I know there have always been snakes, but there are so many sightings and increase in bites!” comments one Facebook user. “Aw he’s harmless. He just wants to see what y’all been doin. But if that were me, I’d be out. No time for videos,” says another.

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