Science Meets Art: Sculptures That Change With Every Angle Awe Twitter

Magic angle sculptures have left Twitter stunned.

These amazing sculptures are all about perspective. John Muntean, who has a PhD in solid state carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance, has been creating magic angle sculptures since 1986. What’s unique about his artwork is that it looks abstract in 3D, but when viewed in 2D, it starts to make sense. “Abstract in three dimensions, representational in two. Perspective Matters,” is how Mr Muntean himself describes it. However, what makes these sculptures even more amazing is the fact that they change according to your perspective.

Mr Muntean uses science and math to make magic angle sculptures that change according to angle and positioning, reports the Insider. So, what looks like a snowman one moment will change to a Christmas tree if you tilt it a bit.



A video by Insider that shows how these sculptures work has stunned viewers. Watch it below:

Awestruck reactions to the Insider video have also been curated into a Twitter moment:

According to his website, Mr Muntean was inspired to create the magic angle sculptures through his work with magic angle sample spinning, a scientific technique that mechanically simulates a molecule tumbling through space.

This isn’t the first time that creative sculptures have gone viral on social media. In April, stretchable paper sculptures by a self-taught artist had amazed Twitter.

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