Princess Eugenie royal wedding: Cara Delevingne wore a Nick Fouquet top hat

HE has designed hats worn by some of Hollywood’s most stylish stars including Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Cara Delevingne.

So it’s no wonder you’ll rarely see Californian hatmaker Nick Fouquet without some kind of headwear.

“Hats draw a certain amount of attention, so I might wear a beanie or a baseball cap,” Fouquet said. “I usually do have my head covered,” he laughed.

“The trick is to own the hat and not let the hat own you.”

media_cameraModel-turned-actor Cara Delevingne teamed a Nick Fouquet top hat with a Chanel suit. Picture: AFP

Venice Beach-based Fouquet is in Melbourne to attend the Caulfield Cup tomorrow, where has designed a hat to be worn by New York-based Australian model Jessica Hart, 32. Fouquet will be among the VVVIP guests in the Californian-inspired Stella Artois marquee.

Fouquet’s signature brand of headwear recently made global headlines after British supermodel Cara Delevingne wore one, teamed with a Chanel suit and stilettos, to Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding.

“It was her in a Chanel suit and tails, with a top hat,” Fouquet said, wearing one of his own hats, a shirt and jeans with a pair of cream Converse Chuck 70s sneakers. “It looked amazing and I was so, so proud to be part of that.

“I think it’s going to be something that’s more seen for girls who don’t want to wear a dress, and that are really cool and stylish.”

media_cameraThe British style star wore a top hat designed by Nick Fouquet to Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Picture: AFP
media_cameraCara Delevingne, right, with her sister Poppy Delevingne at St George’s Chapel inside Windsor Castle. Picture: AP

It’s a look Fouquet expects to trend during the spring racing season.

“For women, a wide brim — especially for the races — is iconic,” Fouquet said.

“With Jess Hart, when I talked to her I envisioned a wide-brim with, like, a bone-coloured white hat. It seems more appropriate to focus on the style and quality … rather than something very over-the-top.

“The hat is a big statement on its own because it’s a hat. When it comes to racing, it’s more about an addition rather than a focal piece.” Socialite Lindy Rama-Ellis wore one of Fouquet’s hats — positioned with a side-tilt on her head — to the Caulfield Guineas last weekend.

“She wore it with a side-tilt. I think it brings this other added element, and I love that she did that on her own,” Fouquet said.

media_cameraJustin Bieber, pictured wearing a hat by Venice-based hatmaker Nick Fouquet. Picture: Getty Images

Fouquet, who was born in New York and raised in the south of France, said the laid-back, stylish culture of Los Angeles was reflected in his designs.

“Surfing is such an under tone of what I do. It’s a big part of who I am and what I love,” Fouquet said.

“I am very ocean-inspired, like sailing, the natural landscapes of California are an inspiration of what I do. Like, the colours — it might be sea foams mixed with lavender.”

media_cameraHat’s on! Nick Fouquet in his Venice studio. Picture: Supplied

The next celeb set to wear one of Fouquet’s deigns is rapper Travis Scott (aka Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend) in his soon-to-be-released video for Sicko Mode.

“Virgil (Abloh) is a buddy of mine who I’ve known for a while and he put me in touch with Travis Scott’s team,” Fouquet said.

“We’re waiting for the video to come out. You never know what happens, how it gets edited in the video process.

“If he wears it, it gains more recognition in the rap community, that demographic. They are really the ones who are setting those trends.”

media_cameraLindy Rama-Ellis wore a Nick Fouquet hat to the Caulfield Guineas last weekend, teamed with a white suit. Picture: Jay Town
media_cameraLindy Rama-Ellis. Picture: Jay Town

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