Prince Harry: How he got away without paying $54k Las Vegas party bill

Let us all now bow our heads and remember a truly glorious time: When we were young and carefree and Prince Harry was better known for his ability to sink vodka Red Bulls than his ever-expanding bald patch, American missus and collection of navy blazers.

He was the Party Prince, who loved nothing more than sinking as much beer as a liveried footman could carry home from Tescos and the occasional chance to make out with a Real Housewife. (True story: Catherine Davies, a star of Real Housewives of D.C., is reported to have spent a couple of very raunchy evenings with the Ginger Charmer in 2006.)

Harry will go down in the royal history books as the only person in the line of succession to have ever have snorted vodka (a truly terrible idea) or to have drunk champagne out of a prosthetic leg (also not the best idea).

media_cameraThe responsible Harry of today has spent the last few days on military assignment in Norway. Picture: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen/NTB Scanpix/AFP

He reached his Naughty Boy zenith in 2012 during a raucous night in Las Vegas that involved his, ahem, crown jewels on proud display, some scantily-clad girls and his very white bottom ending up on newspaper front pages the world over.

In case it has slipped your memory: Harry and his entourage met some “hot chicks” at the Wynn Casino bar (I’m quoting the original TMZ story here) and took them back up to the high rollers suite where the Hottest HRH was staying.

There, Hazza and his new lady friends enjoyed a game of strip pool that was immortalised by one of the sneaky lasses who then promptly sold the scandalous snaps to the tabloids.

It was a cracking jaunt for Harry and two of his closest mates, Arthur Landon and Tom Inskip. Over three days, they ate, drank and partied their way through one of Sin City’s most exclusive five-star hotels, racking up a whopping $54,000 tab.

And guess what? They didn’t pay the bill.

media_cameraHarry when he realised what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Picture: Victoria Jones/Getty Images

Appearing on a new doco about the royal family and money that has just screened in the UK, biographer Katie Nicoll has revealed that the Prince’s huge bill for the rollicking excursion was waived by the casino’s billionaire founder.

“Steve Wynn, the owner of the hotel Harry was staying in, just wiped the slate clean,” Nicholls has claimed.

At the time, it was reported that the boys’ Vegas itemised bill for their three-day stay was several pages long and only senior executives at the hotel were given access to the document.

However, based on what we do know, it is not hard to see how they wound up with such a whopping bill. According to reports at the time, Harry and his two mates drank numerous $17 jagerbombs and $11 beers at the hotel’s Surrender nightclub along with partying at the Encore Beach Club.

media_cameraHarry and his wife Meghan are expecting their first child soon. Picture: Heathcliff O’Malley/AFP

They all ate at the resort’s SW Steakhouse where a single steak can cost up to $207 and that’s before you have spent $19.50 per person on fries.

Then there was the $9200-a-night suite they were staying in, which featured a private elevator, massage room, butler service and mohair walls (to absorb the noise). Harry’s bodyguards were housed down the corridor in another plush suite.

Bottom line: It’s safe to assume Harry & Co. probably weren’t standing around fretting about the astronomical price tag on a bottle of water from the minibar like us mere mortals do when we check in and are a bit parched.

media_cameraWell played, Harry. Well played. Picture: Rebecca Naden/WPA Pool/Getty Images

However, in Harry’s defence, the royal family has a long and proud tradition of cadging free holidays from their cashed up friends, everywhere from the US, to the Caribbean to even Turkey.

In fact, before Harry got to Vegas during that trip he had been staying on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island where a villa (just one villa mind) rents for about $38,000-a-week. Had he been paying for it? Of course not.

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