Perth one-punch victim could lose home due to traumatic brain injury

Mr Ball suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the punch, including a fractured skull, and bleeding on the brain.

He requires ongoing rehabilitation and is learning to walk again.

Mr Ball said it was likely he would never return to his previous occupation as a professional boilermaker and could not continue to make payments on his Padbury property.

Ryan Ball.Credit:9 News Perth

Mr Ball’s family are currently going through the process of selling their own homes in order to support him.

“We’ve been fighting, working together to basically sell my mother’s home, my own home, and develop our block and build a multi-generational living home,” Mr Ball’s brother Leon told 9 News Perth.

The family had their struggles compounded when Mr Ball’s assailant was found not guilty in the WA District Court last week.

Kaide Travis Maslin admitted striking Mr Ball in the face at the party, but argued he acted in self defense after he said Mr Ball attempted to headbutt him

Mr Maslin was acquitted of the grievous bodily harm charge.

However, he was late found guilty of punching another partygoer in the jaw in a separate charge.

Mr Ball said the verdict had felt like a “death in the family”.

“That was the closest thing I could say how it felt,” he said.

“Do we feel like we’ve had a fair trial? No we don’t, and that’s the most disappointing [thing].”

The Director of Public Prosecutions told 9 News Perth it was “disappointed” in the verdict, but as the maximum sentence is under 14 years it cannot be appealed.

The Ball family has now directed their attention to Attorney General John Quigley, and are currently pushing for a retrial.

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