No, These Food Pics Have Not Been Edited In Any Way. Here's What's Happening

Pics by Carmen Possnig and Cyprien Verseux show how food reacts to sub-zero temperatures.

Two researchers at one of the coldest and most remote places on earth are documenting what the low temperatures can do to their food, and their mind-blowing pictures are now viral on social media. Carmen Possnig and Cyprien Verseux – stationed at the Concordia Station in Antarctica – have been sharing pictures of their food freezing at sub-zero temperatures. The two researchers from Austria and France are part of a 13-member team that calls Concordia Station home, according to Insider.

One day, they decided to “cook” outside to see how the food would react to the freezing temperature. For the record, temperatures at the Concordia Station in Antarctica hover around minus 70 degrees Celsius, and the sun can sometimes not be seen for months. Snow, of course, is a permanent fixture.

Photos shared by the two on Twitter show forks and spoons frozen mid-air and failed attempts at scrambled eggs.

See the pics below:

Together, their pictures have collected tens of thousands of ‘likes’ and as many amazed comments. They were even curated into their own Twitter Moment recently.

Here is how people reacted:

“I think it is hard to imagine for people what -70 to -80 degrees Celsius feels like, and we wanted to demonstrate what it’s like,” Carmen Possnig tells Insider.

“We haven’t had any fresh fruits and vegetables since the last plane left in early February,” she adds. “Some strawberries and a salad would be greatly appreciated!”


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