"No One To Talk To": Asha Bhosle's Tweet Is An Eye-Opener

An image shared by Asha Bhosle on Twitter.

We live in times where our cellphones have almost become extensions of ourselves. A tweet by legendary singer Asha Bhosle perfectly encapsulates this phenomenon. Yesterday, Asha Bhosle took to Twitter to share a picture which shows her in a sitting room with four men – all busy on their phones. Asha Bhosle, the only one without a phone, used the image to deliver some eye-opening social commentary about the times we live in, thanking the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, in her sarcastic tweet.

“Bagdogra to Kolkata… Such good company but still, no one to talk to. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell,” she wrote in the biting caption accompanying the picture.

Since being shared online, the tweet has garnered over 2,800 ‘retweets’ and more than 13,000 ‘likes’. While many have commented on the picture to call it an ‘eye-opener’ or a much-needed reality check, others have said that they would never have dared to look at their phones in the presence of the legendary playback singer.

Look at some of the reactions below:

In November last year, the BCCI shared a picture on Twitter showing the Indian cricket team playing on their phones while waiting at the Mumbai airport. Jasprit Bumrah, the only one without a phone, was swiftly turned into a hilarious meme by netizens.


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