Netflix Out-Trolls Zomato After Funny Tweet On Radhika Apte… And Paneer

It all started when Zomato posted a tweet on paneer referencing Radhika Apte.

Just when you thought Netflix had put all the trolls on actor Radhika Apte to rest with their spoof Omnipresent, another joke cropped up, this time by Zomato. The food ordering and restaurant search app posted a funny tweet referencing Radhika Apte, only to be outsmarted by Netflix. The exchange now has Twitter saying “well played, Netflix”.

It all started when Zomato posted a tweet on… wait for it… paneer. The tweet is accompanied by a picture that innocently details how paneer can be used in so many different dishes. The thing that wins this tweet, though, is the text posted with the picture. “And you thought only Radhika is versatile,” reads the tweet.

Funny and smart, right? Turns out, not as much as Netflix, who had the perfect reply for the tweet. Since they’ve already established that Radhika Apte is Omnipresent, here’s their reply to Zomato.

Slow claps, anyone?

Both tweets have won over Twitter. While Zomato’s tweet has collected over 3,600 ‘likes’ and more than 1,100 retweets since yesterday, the tweet by Netflix has garnered over 6,500 ‘likes and more than 2,800 retweets.

“This couldn’t be more Apt(e). Where’s the popcorn btw?” comments one Twitter user. “Netflix-1, Zomato-0,” says another. “Kabhi Kabhi toh lagta hai Netflix hi bhagwaan hai!” says a third referencing Sacred Games.

What do you think of this Zomato vs Netflix Twitter exchange? Tell using the comments section below.

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