In Ali Asgar vs Turkey Ice Cream Man, It's The Actor's Reaction That Wins

The actor posted a tweet showing his interaction with an “ice cream wala in Istanbul”.

By now you may have seen several videos of Turkish ice cream vendors hilariously teasing their customers for the sweet treat. They usually make it exceptionally difficult for customers to get their hands on the ice cream by tricking them with quick and complex maneuvers. Most people react with laughter during the entire gig. Some even get irritated and seldom, children are seen breaking down in videos after losing their patience over not getting their ice cream. However, this video of actor and comedian Ali Asgar reacting to the ice cream vendor’s tricks makes for a great watch.

In a tweet posted last evening, the actor known for his comic timing showed his interaction with an “ice cream wala in Istanbul”. And his reactions to the little game played by vendor are pure gold.

Haath aaya muh ko na laga,” he says in his tweet. Watch the video below:

Since being posted, the video has collected over 1,500 ‘likes’. “Lol, this did put a smile on my face,” says one Twitter user. “So funny,” says another.

It’s not clear though if in the end Ali Asgar ended up with some ice cream or not.

Last year, actor Aamir Khan posted a video showing a Turkish ice cream vendor teasing him. In the Dangal actor’s case, the incident left him with a lesson on patience. “Sabar ka phall meetha. Lovely Turkish ice cream,” Aamir posted on social media. The video had subsequently gone viral.

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