Geoffrey Edelsten, Gabi Grecko are back together as a couple

IT’S official: Geoffrey Edelsten and Gabi Grecko are back together and the young American will return to Australia in late November to be with him.

Edelsten, 75, told that he and Grecko, 29, have mended their tumultuous relationship the past year and are now happier than ever, and plan to settle again in Melbourne.

They were married in June 2015 in a registry office next to a photocopying machine in Melbourne’s Chinatown, but they have never got divorced.

“We are back together now,” he exclusively told

“It is only her career that is keeping her in New York City, and as soon as the end of November, when she will have finished her latest music video, she will come back to Melbourne,” he said.

“She has changed a lot in the three years since she went back to New York City.

“Her music career is going very well, and secondly she is much more mature.”

media_cameraGeoffrey Edelsten and Gabi Grecko pose for a photo after their 2015 wedding. Picture: Nathan Dyer

Edelsten said when he headed to the US to visit her earlier this year, with Grecko posting every move on her Instagram stories, he realised that he loved her as much as ever.

“I went to Los Angeles and brought her down from New York to meet a lot of my friends, because I used to live in LA,” he said.

“Then I went to New York City and saw her again, and we did lots of fun things I must say.

“I’m very happy with our relationship, and I think that I can look forward to it being forever, and I think that is the way she feels too.”

The couple separated only five months after their June 2015 wedding, with Grecko almost immediately moving back to New York.

She has established herself as a rapper, under the name Glitta Foxx and developed a large Instagram following.

Edelsten said she contacted him a year ago to start mending their relationship.

“She approached me and said we’ve made a mistake separating and that she wanted to get back together again, and I said, ‘I still love you,’ and we have been together ever since,” he said.

media_cameraThe couple get physical on Instagram. Picture: Instagram annettepix

When she arrived in Melbourne in 2014 she immediately made an impact on the social and party scene in Melbourne, with eye-catching outfits on the red carpet at events such as the AFL’s Brownlow Medal and at Flemington for the Spring Racing Carnival.

Edelsten believes when she returns, the interest in him, and her, with the public, will return.

“People are still interested in what we are doing,” he said.

“I am surprised — I can’t go down the street in Melbourne without people wanting selfies.

“Just this morning (Friday morning) I was in the city in Bourke St and people were stopping wanting photos.

“It happens virtually every day.

“People are obviously interested in what we are doing, and that is fun.”

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