‘Evil’: Secret notes show Malia Obama doesn’t like Trump

A Facebook post has revealed Malia Obama, daughter of the former US President, has political convictions of her own.

A photo on the profile used by President Obama’s daughter, which operated under a pseudonym and hasn’t been used since 2017, shows a series of post it notes with messages about current President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is President,” the pink post-its say.

“This is not normal.

“Donald Trump is evil.

“Don’t be complacent.”

The photo is the cover image on the Facebook page and has gathered 132 likes. It also has two comments from Finnegan Biden, the 20-year-old granddaughter of Joe Biden, former Democratic Vice President, who commented, “never saw this”.

“I like it.”

The profile was run under a pseudonym and has not been used since 2017, according to The Daily Mail.

The daughter of the former president is said to have been posting on the page during her final year at high school and during her gap year, before she began attending Harvard University.

media_camera‘Donald Trump is evil’: Malia Obama’s secret Facebook profile shows the former first daughter’s political fervour.

During this time Ms Obama had been living in New York City where she interned for the Weinstein Company.

Her internship ended before news broke of Harvey Weinstein’s widespread sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct.

A few months after posting the photo, Ms Obama moved into freshman dorms at Harvard.

The Facebook page shows Ms Obama’s teen years which look typical, with shots of her posing with her friends, enjoying trips overseas after graduating from high school and hiking outdoors.

media_cameraThe now disused profile shows the teen’s remarkably normal life.
media_cameraMalia spent time in Bolivia and Chile after she graduated from high school.
media_cameraThe page is filled with photos of the teen travelling and spending time with friends.
media_cameraBefore attending Harvard Malia interned in New York City.
media_cameraMalia during a trip with a friend after the election of Donald Trump.
media_cameraPhotos appear on the profile from Malia’s senior year at Sidwell Friends.

Ms Obama attended Sidwell Friends, a prestigious Washington School, alongside Finnegan Biden.

She is now 20 and dating Rory Farquharson, a Harvard student from England.

the couple were spotted kissing at a football game last year by TMZ, which also published photographs of young Malia smoking a cigarette.

She was in Miami with two friends from high school attending a tailgate party.

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