Russian Journalist Babchenko, Thought Dead, Appears after Sting Operation

Ukraine’s security chief now says his organization planned to have a prominent Russian war correspondent and Kremlin critic fake his own death as part of

Any New Country Name to Be Put to Referendum

SKOPJE, MACEDONIA —  Macedonia’s prime minister said Wednesday that any new name for his country that is agreed with neighboring Greece will be put to

Paris Police Clear Out Migrant Camp at Center of Debate

PARIS —  Police on Wednesday cleared out about 1,000 people from the largest makeshift migrant camp in the French capital, which became a focal point

Suspected Militants Attack Afghan Interior Ministry in Kabul

An Afghan policemen is dead after an attack Wednesday on the headquarters of the interior ministry in the capital of Kabul. The attack began when

Malaysia’s PM Seeks to Implement Reforms, Restore Country’s Reputation

KUALA LUMPUR —  Malaysia’s 92-year-old prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, is determined to restore the country’s reputation and his legacy, having wrested back leadership following national

Taiwan Cannot Compete with China on Aid to Keep Foreign Allies

TAIPEI —  Taiwan will struggle to stop a shrinking pool of mostly poor diplomatic allies from shifting allegiance to its rival, China, because it lacks

Starbucks Shuts Down Thousands of US Stores for Anti-Bias Training

Coffee giant Starbucks temporarily closed 8,000 stores around the United States Tuesday afternoon, so it could train its 175,000 employees on racial tolerance. The move