Cameraman Falls Into Lake, Continues Filming Anyway

“You can count on this going viral,” predicted one of Chris Benka’s colleagues on air, moments after he fell into a lake in Nevada’s Las Vegas but continued filming anyway. Fortunately, both Mr Benka and his camera survived the misstep.

Mr Benka, a photojournalist with a local news network in the United States was broadcasting live on Friday. Mr Benka’s colleague was reporting from a kayak and he was filming her from a dock. As he walked along, keeping her in the frame, he briefly stumbled and ended up in the lake. 

“Whoa,” exclaimed the reporter as she saw him go down. “Alright folks… we just had a little water casualty but Chriz Benka, our photographer, is amazing,” she said. “Are you alright Chris? He’s good! He’s a professional and he’s hanging on.”

There were a few moments of chaos onair but Mr Benka quickly regained his balance and set up the shot beautifully. 

“We can tell the bosses that no electronics or cameras were injured in this live shot,” the reporter joked after confirming Mr Benka was safe and unhurt.

“That’s what happens out here live… Chris is all good though, I promise you that,” she said as she handed back to the studio.

The three television anchors couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m only laughing because I know he’s alright,” said one.

“At the end, it was the coolest shot,” said a second anchor praising Mr Benka’s professionalism. “Almost like he planned it that way,” quipped the third.

Watch the video below:

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