Centre-left PM candidate faces probable defeat in parliamentary vote

If a majority of MPs choose to vote against him, parliamentary speaker Andreas Norlén will announce the next steps in the effort to build

Caught Between 2 Powers, Canada Feeling Alone

TORONTO —  First U.S. President Donald Trump attacked Canada on trade. Then Saudi Arabia punished it for speaking up for human rights. Now China has

Meghan Markle ‘fed up’ with Kate Middleton royal rift rumours

Meghan Markle is finding it “frustrating and stressful” that she has “no voice” against a barrage of bad headlines, a US magazine has claimed. The

Nancy Wilson, Grammy-Winning Jazz Singer, Dies at 81

LOS ANGELES —  Grammy-winning jazz and pop singer Nancy Wilson has died. Her manager Devra Hall Levy tells The Associated Press late Thursday night that

Irish parliament passes bill to legalize abortion | News | DW

The Irish parliament on Thursday passed legislation allowing abortions for the first time. The new legislation allows terminations to be carried out up to 12

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